Kris & Dave with Amanda (grandbaby #8)

Kris & Dave with Amanda (grandbaby #8)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

About RSS feeds.

It's been a long night. I was up all night trying to get organized and caught up with all of my computer work. I made it just in time to start a new day with new assignments.
I'm supposed to share some RSS feeds this morning for our online class. RSS feeds is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. One site explained RSS as "Really Simple Syndication," another explained it as "Rich Site Summary," so I still don't know exactly what RSS stands for.
I found a pretty interesting website called RSS Orange that has hundreds and hundreds of RSS fee URL's--any topic you can think of. I really like viewing Ericka's blog to get ideas. My next goal is to get a video to my blog page. I also need a picture of myself. I'll have Mitch take one of me--on another day, after I've slept.

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