Kris & Dave with Amanda (grandbaby #8)

Kris & Dave with Amanda (grandbaby #8)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Learning about Islam

I spent last night finishing my PowerPoint about Muslims for my multicultural education class. I am glad I chose Muslims because I learned so much. It reinforeced the concept for me to examine different cultures and societies with the aim of finding common ground. In this case, I found many of my beliefs harmonize with those of Islam. I feel like I've just made millions of new friends.

There was a lot of information on the internet. I think I ended up going to 10 different sites for my little 12 minute presentation. On article that I really appreciated though was one from an LDS perpective written in 2002,titled, "An LDS perspective of Muhammad." The title of this entry will take you to the article. Regardless of your denomination, it offers a lot of information.

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